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  • 1886: 'Coca-Cola' created by Dr. John Pemberton; by 1895, people are drinking it in every state in America.
  • 1899: The first bottling plant was opened; by 1919, there were more than 1000 - 95 % locally owned and operated.
  • 1929: 'Coca-Cola' sold cold from open-top coolers: 1933 'Coca-Cola' dispenser introduced at the Chicago World Fair.
  • 1960: 'Coca-Cola' cans appear on the shelves for the first time.
  • 1982: 'Diet Coke' introduced and within two years becomes the world's most popular low-calorie soft drink.
  • 1988: 'Coca-Cola' becomes best known, most admired trademark in the world according to three independent surveys.
  • 2008: Operating in more than 200 countries and producing nearly 450 brands, the Coca-Cola system has successfully applied a simple formula on a global scale: provide a moment of refreshment for a very small amount of money -- a billion times a day.

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The Coca-Cola Company itself is just one small part of an enterprise that brings more than 450 brands of soft drinks to consumers all over the world. We work with more than 300 bottling partners and over 20 million outlets worldwide to produce, deliver and sell our drinks. Known as the Coca-Cola system, the relationship between the company and our bottling partners allows us to conduct business on a worldwide scale while still maintaining a local approach.

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